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SPM School of Rap

I use to fool with crack now I'm through with that I just opened up the SPM school of rap.......

My dear

SPMer's how are you all? I'm still unstable but what's new? I'll be okay I guess been doing this 38 years now. "I've been begging you to listen ever since I could talk" true words right there. So I don't take advantage of the relationship I have with Los I could be keeping you all up dated but no fret there is a few profiles that are on top of it and I have to shout them out because they post some cool shit let's go: The Son Of Norma on Instagram go here. On Face book follow Spm Carlos Coy Freedomx also on Instagram _SouthParkMexican
April 18th Carolyn and Low G will be doing a meet-n-greet in Albuquerque NM at 6:00 PM To about 8:00 PM go to her page to go find the rest of her stops and her tour dates. Later that night also in Albuquerque Low G will be performing along with Pancho V and Jose Throwed Ese V. Don't miss it Albuquerqueans. Be there or be square it's going to be live!!!!!

More Dates!

Check out these videos they rock!!!

Shout out to all them boys getting it. Don't forget to check out the new single by Carolyn Rodriguez Brave Featuring our hero SPM go purchase it on google here>>> Brave featuring SPM ITunes Link for Brave and Amazon  hit the link you all.
Next my boy Low Gangsta The Black Jack on CD Baby AlsoThe Black Jack I tunes  If you have Spotify go here>>>The Black Jack Spotify

That is pretty much it except for the SPM school of rap I hope y'all understand it as well as i do and let's hope these pics don't erase. Thanks folks I'm out Free SPM, Free Bing I will  put the link to the cold 40, Drinking a 40 W/Los Here>>>>Sound Cloud by Bing

Los teaching me how to rap!

The rest!

wait it is not in order but you get the pic....
Blog with you all soon, your one and only Ghetto Girl Inspired, aka The Bloggologist, aka SPM'S girl. Aka My nickname should be stay up.....;...

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$Million Dollar Wetbacks$ (potentially)

Anecdote 3a.

First let me say everyone including myself and all my peeps got million dollar star and business quality and we can be that $Million Dollar Wetback$ hence the tittle of the blog from your one and only blogologist Marimar568 aka Ghetto Mari, aka SPM's girl (folks laugh at me for that.) Reader, writers, playas, hustlas, thank you all for coming this long, grueling, anticipating, annoying, depressing, way with me. Dope House has always been the passion behind me. And believe me that is hard to inspire out of me. All types of things have occurred. Carlos and I are like two peas in a pod it's crazy how much we are alike. Let me get to the point finally I am going to finish Bing's stories let's go but first confession I didn't even finish the last one. But hey that tells you what kind of mental state I was in..Vamonos pues.

Go here on this link to read last story.

Guns and Xanax don't mix well

She comes barging in my room (grandma Rosie) talking shit she See's Auggie with the gun and thinks he shot the hole in the wall and bitches him out while kicking him out of the house. I leave too cuz she 's not trying to hear it. We wind up in Auggie's room and he's like, "why ain't you tell your grandma it was you?" I blamed it on the xanax and told him I don't remember what he's talking bout, but that I must of blacked out ha. Later on after i gave it to my mom, I walked in her apartment and it's on top of her TV I inspect it and it's fully loaded with one in the chamber  and I"m like damn my mom ain't doing no  playing, I ask her wassup with that? she says she almost had to bust a nigga in his ass for walkin up on her crazy while she was going to the store. Shed didn't know what he was planning to do but it wasn't good cuz he followed her her a whole block after  changing his  route when he saw my mom was walking by herself at night. I was glad i gave it to her after I heard that real talk. Another time I was on drank and bars at my wife Lexo's apartment. I was so fucked up I split my lddast cup of drank and fucked up I spilt my last cup of drank and tried to drink it of the carpet before it soaked in the carpet. Yeah straight trippin I got a few good sip tho, along with god knows what. Anyways my boy Pacman was in the other room with my girls sister. I tell my baby lets go to her room. Well right before we fix in to do our thang I tell her hold up let me take the bullet out the chamber so i sit up grab the gun and 'boom" my boy Pacman runs in pants half way on I tell him every thing's good it was a false alarm, he's like, "what!" Then leaves I find the empty shell and give it to Alexis and tell my baby it was a souvenir. She said she knew it was gonna go off and I'm like why ain't you tell me. I also blew my kenfolks window to his Tahoe and said somebody shot at us so I
wouldn't have to pay for it. All barred out. So trust me when I say guns and xanax don't mix  well y'all leave that shit alone.

Bar Heads

I know too many niggas lost in this system behind guns and xanax. Niggas serving capitol sentences with no parole and  don't  even remember committing their crimes. I was a certified  bar head with a high tolerance, so high I had to pop at least three off the top just to start. Most of the time it would be four, the wind up taking halves through the night like every thirty minutes or so. Don't believe me just look at the ☆Ghetto Mexicanos video. I'm popping bars sippin lean on that bitch.
The exact moment....

(So the highlighted text a link to GHETTO MEXICANOS on you tube in case you can't   see the one above ^^^^)
Me and my kenfolk had this thing where he would drop 3-4 bars in my mouth and I would have to chew them, and them hoe's taste nasty than a bitch. But I would chew them. Then I would open my mouth to show them all chewed up. Then my kenfolks would pour a pint bottle of drank while I'd tip my head back so I can wash the bars down with straight drank. I'd down about a deuce to a trey, that's  two to three  ounces of lean and of course I'd return the favor to my kenfolk. We done that to make sure we were on the same level. On one of those nights we wound up going the wrong way on the freeway in a candy red Tahoe, with the screens on late night. We were supposed to just blow a sweet right quick. To give some strippers we fucked with enough time to meet us at the motel. I don't  know  how we wound up on the freeway going the wrong way, but we got pulled over and I woke up in County jail with a fresh pistol  case looking crazy cause the gun wasn't  even mine. I was in agg mode cause them bars will get you like that. And this law in the county jumped fly with me, so I called him out. Told him to take his shirt off. "Let's  do some punching, don't hide behind that badge." He says, "alright." Then gets all his law buddies and basically  I get my ass kicked by like seven officers and wound up hog tied and in hand cuffs all night. I still got scars on my wrist and ankles from the cuffs being too tight. I use to buy xanax  by the bottle  I'd pay one dollar a pill. So I'd buy two bottles  that's   two hundred pills for two-hundred dollars. I'd sell two pills for five dollars or one pill for three dollars. All  I would do is make my two-hundred dollars just re-up on two more bottles and I'd pop the rest. Them bars had me so grimy I was shoplifting  from the corner store. I'd walk in with a pocket full of money, buy a cold drink some chips, and steal some candy and bean dip and stupid shit like that. Dry stealing  shit. I'don't count  my money and over at the crib. Hide dope trying to be fly with my stash spot and forget  where I stashed my own shit. Ha ha one time I lost three ounces of Crack for like four months and my Lil sister finds it one day behind a picture frame on the wall in my room. I blamed my uncle Duke for finding and selling it, but when my sister brings it to me I was like hell yeah cuz that was money I needed. I almost  over dosed on xanax one night. I had got arrested and while I was being finger printed, I pulled the rest of my bars out the stash. I didn't  know how to get rid of them without them seeing me cuz cops were all around. I was already barred out so I get the bright idea to just pop them now. It's close to twenty pills in my hand plus what I already took. I just start chewing them dry no water or anything. As soon as they took me from the city jail  to the county I was gone. I couldn't   stand up. I fell every time the law let me go to try to take my photo. Finally they start walking in and a women cop behind a window tells  the officer who had me that he couldn't bring me in like that. I  was  blacking in and out during  that time so I only remember bits and pieces. But I wound up at a hospital throwing up cuz they gave me some shit. Then I woke up inji the process   tank in the county with  the  taste of  xanax  all  in my mouth between my teeth trying to figure out how the fuck I  wound up  in  jail and what happened  lastnight. Another time I  had woke up out of a black out I had some chick bent over on the bed hitting her A****** doggy style in someones  room that I  didn't  know. Her a** was dry and needed lubrication and I  think that's  what brought me out of my black out cuz that shit was hurting  my d***. Seriously  so I just stop cuz I'm trying to first figure out who this bitch is, second where the fuck am I at, and third where's  some lubrication ha! So when I stop this bitch says what's  wrong? Now I'm  trying to recognize  her voice cuz I ain't   wanna be like say who are you, feel  me. But I must've been thinking out loud cuz I say, "damn I'm tripping." Which was true. She says "tripping off what?" She turns around when I see her face IBM shocked like a mother fucker cuz I know exactly who it is and I shouldn't have been in bed with her. I believe she took advantage  of me cuz I was barred out. She was a bad bitch and it was a shock to me th  at she was letting me fuck her in the ass dry, cuz I would have never thought she got down like that. The way she carried herself. I won't say no names but I will say it was one of my Patna's  baby mama. Another time I woke up from a barred out black out I was in bed with two bitches. I go to the restroom and when I cut the light on I see all these fucked hater marks (hickeys) all on my neck, my jawline, my chest, my stomach. I mean these bitches fucked me up. I was so mad I grabbed my phone and walked out of their apartment without saying  a word to either one of them and called me a cab.

Ghetto Mexicanos Video Shoot

That video shoot was a fun time. I wasn't on the song but the video was done in my hood, and at my house. I wasn't prepared or anything. They called me that same morning, like was sup we fitting to shoot this video at your house and at Ingram do. I was like come on wit it. We wound up putting  this nigga Adrian down with the set in front of my crib. I was barred out. What the video didn't show was my boy T-bone Adrian one on one in front of my crib after Adrian got clicked on. The funniest  part of the video wasn't Lil Villain jumping off T-bones Lac dropping a WWE elbow on Adrian, although  that was funny.What posed Villain to do that I have no idea. But the funniest part was the fact that Adrian didn't   get put down in any set. We lied to him so he just dry got clicked on and on top of that it got recorded on video ha ha. 

Courtroom Drama 2K14 DEC

Yeah my nigga it was back to the riff raff for me. This whole road trip back to court on a cell phone charge was very stressful. I passed through downtown on I-45 and the skyline looked beautiful. I miss the city so much. Well it's close to x-mas and TDC has been releasing a shit load of people. So all my cellatest on this road trip have been on their way out this bitch. And here I am serving a life sentence bout to pick up some more time stacked on top of that life. The shit was fucking with me plus I get motion sickness riding these nasty ass TDC busses the call a "blue bird." Well I make it to the court house in a small town all shackled and cuffed with some other guys who I knew were in the same situation. I had to piss so they had to escort me to the restroom. I did my thing still shackled and cuffed with this black box they lock over the handcuffs  to keep you from picking the lock or whatever. So I'm in a real awkward position. Rumor is an image got out and created that black box for TDC. Fucking asshole every time they put me in one I cuss him out. That shit is very uncomfortable that it hurts at times. Well I finish pissing and now I'm looking for a knob or something  to flush the toilet but I don't see any thing so I say fuck it and turn around, all of a sudden the toilet flushes on its   own. Now I'm tripping cuz I know this shit ain't flushed on  it's own. But I just shake that thought off and approach the sink to wash my hands. I squeeze soap in my hands and stare at the sink looking for a knob to turn some hot or cold  water or any Damn water. I'm taking too long and the officer   says aren't   you gonna wash your hands or what? This restroom ain't   got no knob no where. He just laughs and I'm looking at this fool crazy cuz I'm dead serious. So he walks up, puts his hands by the faucet and water comes out.I'm   looking at this shit thinking since when did public restrooms start getting all fancy. I ain't gonna lie that shit was fly tho. Even the water fountain had that motion sensor shit or whatever. I felt lame and sick cuz I realised  I've been list in the system locked up too damn long. Anyways I signed for two years non agg with about 5 months back time. I tried to get it ran concurrent with this agg-life but they weren't   trying to hear all that so it's stacked on top of my original's   non agg so with the five months of back time   that makes me up for parole already as soon as I start the two. But still it's drama either way you look at it, glass half empty glass half full it is what it is....


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SPMSGIRL's List of Best Rappers of All Time

SPMSGIRL's List of Best Rappers of All Time please go search South Park Mexican and vote also Rasheed is on the list as well. Go vote fans please.

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Bing's High Times

Anecdotes Part 3

Low G came to see me.

The Black Jack out now! 

So I know I slack but we already went through the why and honestly, this time I am just being lazy I am trying to collect some money so I can pay for Los and Bing's calls if anybody out there want to help me you all can hit up my paypal account why am I asking cause you never know who's down unless you ask. Ready let's go:
Guns and Xanex Don't Mix Well
I had this little chrome 32. Automatic with hollow tips that I later wound up giving my mom. Me and my nigga Augge were pulling up to my crib, barred out like on 6 barrs. I get out and I had my hand in the pocket of my black leather Polo $500.00 (brand new) jacket. Why was I holding the 32. Finger on the trigger. While I was getting out the passenger seat, but apparently I was cause that shit went boom! I look at my Polo jacket and my pocket is blowed out. I'm pissed now cuz I just fucked off my new Jacket. Augge tells me to give him the gun, I say naw. We go in my crib to my room. We watching the  big screen TV. A 54 inch that took up too much space in my lil room, I'm lying on my couch upside down with my legs goin over the back cushion with the 32. On the seat cushion next to me. I look at my pants for some reason and notice a hole burned through the cardboard razor crease in my Guess jeans, so now I start tripping cuz I almost shot my leg. I pick up the 32. and I tell Augge "damn this little dangerous mother fucker" all barred out slurrin as I inspect the gun I point it at the wall on the side of my big screen and boom! It goes off I shoot a hole through my back wall. Augge snatches  the gun from me and I let him cuz I know my grandma Rosie heard that. Sho nuff she comes bargin in my room talkin shit, see's Auggie with the gun and thinks he shot the hole in the wall, and bitches him out. Augge leaves and I go with him and he ask why I didn't tell my grandma it was him and I say what are you talking bout and blame it on the bars.

Okay folks this a little story on Bing like a teaser I got a couple more I have been so out of character that I gave my word about posting a blog and didn't come through. I have been trying to situate things with Los the more I become part of his world the more personal I take everything. People want to tell me everything is business not personal well in my world everything is personal especially since I have yet to make money of anything and I put in more work then humanly possible. So as I attempt to fix issues Los continues to teach me about being successful about being a rapper which I like learning because I am an unofficial music critic like everything else it ain't a real job I don't get money but I do it a lot. Apparently my opinion matters in the underground. I am so fabulously ghetto and undisciplined that I do the jobs of a million people but cannot seem to legitimize myself with one real job. It is a travesty that a woman of my caliber is struggling to function normaly in any situation. I am a certfied mess. Will it ever change who knows everyone says it takes time and patience but I cannot afford either or. I am going in a full crcle and stopping on I don't give a fuck street and who cares boulevard. Don't tell nobody though. I gotta go folks I wanna write a blog on Filero I have been really looking into his life and he is an awesome person I even know exactly why he did the dissing on Los now is not a good time for this story but you all will get a blog on him eventually if my raggedy mind permits talk to you all soon signing off the girl who should be a women without a title a role or any real responsibilities no money nobody just the streets. Mari aka _________

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Bing's LIfe and Rhymes

Anecdotes part II

Finally Bing came through with a blog sheesh he's been going through A Lot of change moving facilities still the goal is for him to improve his life, situation and possibly take his case to appellate court. Y'all know that I try to use ten dollar words, it just means court of appeals. I guess I am in blogger mode.Must be the New Year thing. Let's hope it stays cause I sure miss being me. Happy New Year my peeps I am not one for New Years Resolutions but I do vow to let go of anybody who is bringing my already down personality, downer. Starting with the closest I don't give a damn. Lol for real though!

For today's blogisode I bring you a portion of the Life and Rhymes Bing Latin, let's go!!!!

Acid part II

Durin this time I was still in high school (before I dropped out) and I was sellin hits of acid for five dollars a piece. I had some Tripled Dipped Blotter and me my lil cuzzin Buda and a group of my and a group of homies was chillin in Patricia Manor Apartments across the street from Ingrando Park, It's a spot  we called "the cut." You could see the whole park, we had the whole apartment complex behind us and the bayou to the right that was our "cut" cuz it gave us the best opportunity to see the lawz and then get away.

 We was all on acid posted chillin at night this white thing caught my attention at the back of the park it was strange cause it would move then stop. So I pointed it out to my homies and we all just watched this white thing move then stop real slow, "I was like what the fuck is that?" I suggested it was a dog, so I said, "let's go see what's up with this dog." We all mobbed over there half on bicycles, half of us on foot. Well, as I get close enough I realize it's a fucking white plastic grocery bag that the wind was blowin so we all laughed. Yeah it was gonna be that kind of night and we just got started. We posted up at the back of Ingrando Park on a concrete table and started blazin some killa. All of a sudden  we see the ghetto bird searchin behind us with their bright ass search light  through the bayou. Somebody  must've ran from the lawz and hit the bayou.  It was nighttime to, good luck cuz it's too many ways to shake the laws even with a helicopter. Back to my story tho so the ghetto bird is searchin what all of sudden they wind up on top of us with the search light beamin on us bright than a bitch. This fucken acid is hittin hard now and this ghetto bird is right above us too close. I look to the side and see a cop car drive over the curb on the park headed to where we were on grass. First thing to hit my mind was, "fuck I'm riddin dirty"  with  almost a full sheet of acid wrapped in foil in my pocket plus some kill. I just started walkin toward the big tree prayin that my homies followed my lead which they did. I used the tree as a blocker and threw everything out of my pockets. We make it to the cut and the ghetto bird resumed it's search apparently we didn't fit their description so the lawz ain't  fuck with us. I'm paranoid so I tell my lil cuzzin to go get my shit by the tree for me. He does and comes back with acid, kill and money. That's when I realized I was so paranoid. I threw everything out my pockets even my money. Ha ha our trip was startin to come down and it was like 11:30 P.M. My homeboy Israel says he has the movie Devil's Advocate at his crib and nobody is there-so I'm like wasup let's go watch that bitch. We all drop another hit. My lil cuzzin burns off and I wind up on somebody's handle bars flyin through the back fast then a bitch. We get there and we start watchin this movie and we trippin on all this demonic shit. My nigga Chemo goes to the restroom so i tell him nigga don't be lookin in the mirror cuz it's gonna make you have a bad trip. I had a bad trip like that when I first started doin acid at age 13. But i'll save that story for part 3. Anyway I realized my boy chem is takin too long, so I go check up on him and the doors wide open and he's starin at himself in the mirror. I tell him "nigga what you doin?'  He turns looks at me real shocked then looks back at himself and throws the middle finger at himself in the mirror and runs out past me. I stood there like, "I told this nigga not to look in the mirror." All of a sudden I have to piss. I'm lookin like, fuck I gotta walk past this mirror. So as I walk past it I swear through my side view I see my face change real quick to a demonic face like on the movie; Devil's Advocate. So now I'm trippin takin a piss thinkin I gotta go get around my niggas, cuz we gotta stick together. I finish pissin and run out that bitch. I don't even think I flushed the toilet. I get back to the livin room and I'm on high alert watchin my nigga chemo seein if he trips out or not, But he was chillin. We all mov to the backroom and we chillin. My boy israel picks up the lamp and he's holdin it like a shot gun clickin it on and off over and over again. I don't know where the cigarettes came from but he light some cigarettes. Turn the lamp off and start playin with the cigarettes watching traces we must've ran thru a box or so cuz i fucked off like 3 of them my damn self. When we turn the lamp on after we was done there was ashes all over us, on the bed and floor. Ha i go to the kitchen for some orange juice and I seen this brown thin blanket coverin something so i go peep the scene and now I"m trippin it's a fuckin african grey parrot. I ain't never been close to to a parrot in real life and all I heard of were green parrots. I never knew Grey Parrots existed til that pint so I start fuckin with it tryin to make it talk. I grab a butter knife and start nudgin it and pokin it and It's getting crunk bittin the cage but it won't talk My boy Israel come in and sees me with a butter knife fuckin with the parrot and he hurries up and says, "you trippin, that's my grandmas bird." He trows the blanket back over it. I told him I was just tryin to make it talk, he's like yeah with a knife huh. We ended up stayin up all night walkin back to the hood. I stopped at a pawn shop and bought a gold ring with blue sapphires and Israel bust out sayin, "Bing bought a ring with all our money." cuz i had sold them each hit's for five dollars all night. Now everybody lookin at m me crazy. Ha!
 TheRecordin of House Party
I remember goin in the studio at Shut' Em Down at Danny "DTown" Morenos house in Denver Harbor. Filero was like check this out you need to get on this, and he plays that Man beat by Big Moe, all of a sudden I heard Big Flake start grabbin the mic wreckin that Bitch. So i'm like yeah I'm feelin that. We ridin through a few Ideas and i'm like I"m ready I go in and I just murder that bitch. I mean it was that quick, I walked in the studio, heard the trak, ran throug some ideas with Filero and killed it. My bad Big Flake you my nigga I ain't mean to wreck on you like that but hey just look at it this way, I made you a part of history. That's a Lil Bing Classic. My favorite part on Big Flakes flow was how he started it, "Man it's like man piece and chained up ridin on Peter Pan" real talk. 

I wish I could add sound effects cause right here I would insert a sound like when the the DJ cut's the record and rewinds it dead in the middle of the track. Lol the beauty of being me is that I ask a lot of questions so I spoke to filero about this and this is what he had to say:

So there it is. I still got a lot more to go. And a lot more music and artist to talk about Bing wrote me a few, more then a few more stories see you all soon peace signing out SPM's girl Mari.
Also be on the look out this summer for  Low G's long anticipated The Black Jack album.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Life and Rhymes...........


As some of you may know I Marisol Garay, Mari, Marimar568, Ghetto Girl, SPM'S Girl (my new favorite) have deep seeded issues. It's not hard to see if you really pay attention, most people don't cause I carry myself a certain way. Those issues are the main reason that I cannot blog consistently and thoroughly. I spend my time trying to battle myself. I am like Carlos in many ways I am very aware of how messed up we are as a culture and as humans. The other thing like Carlos I believe in friendships, my only problem is when it comes to my business I cannot separate business from personal, to me everything is personal and the reason why, cause I've never conducted business, everything I have ever done from pushing dope and what not was done to survive. I think Los recognized that about me immediately. I don't know if you all aware that he recently got ill, apparently he has had issues with headache and he cut his head open. Of course the medical staff would not take care of him so we had to throw a support move and blow up their phones. My understanding is that he is now being cared for. I don't know about y'all but when I love somebody or something, I tend to do it in excess, to the point of suffocation. Imagine with all the love I have for Los I was blowing up the prison phones. Anyway Incandesio has asked that nobody call no more so they don't retaliate on our boy. I wanted to share links on this blog only but what the hell might well use you all for my counseling. the Free Bing List below is some of his music and some clips of him and I conversing. If you listen you will hear me hit him up[ for a blog. Also I'm posting three videos one is preview for a documentary for The Day of Unity which is directed by The Moment aka Sang Chin Knodel he also directed Filero's video for: You're not my friend 

Freedom X  other viddy. Watch it please.

Okay so I just want to apologize to anyone I have ever hurt or abused or annoyed or irritated with my blunt mouth. My over sharing, and for my passionate and extreme way that I live my life. I wish I was genetically born a different way. My boldness has always gotten me in trouble and my exaggerated way of loving had broken me in a way that I cannot be too close to people because I will find a way to sabotage. There is actually a medical condition that is pretty much a broken heart well in 2003 I experienced the worst broken heart in the history of me and that's saying a lot. Since then I haven't been the same. Lucky for me for all the people who don't like me or want my friendship there is a hundred more that do. So it's on to the next one. Just like that. LOL I will let you all go on about your business with all my sincere apologies SPM'S GIRL Mari. Peace From the Life and Rhymes of me and all my peeps.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

You ain't to Smart for Prison...

South Park, well you ain't to smart for prison.

I have witnessed many things in life, mostly drug abuse, violence, child neglect, gang violence, senseless death, over and over from pneumonia to a gunshot to an accident to a drug overdoes, I grew up in the crack era, the curb serving era, I lived the street life until I hit the penitentiary. That was the best thing that could of happened because it kept me alive, however it broke me and made me more fearless then I already was. At the same time it made me more tolerant so its a constant battle to not go berserk on people. Carlos is the one person who stays in my conscious. Like that damm cricket. Its a gift and a curse, why a curse cause I tolerate a lot of disrespect, from a lot of people. One day I'm going to explode. I guess that's the point of blogging to not go crazy. Its therapy ignore me I'm really trying to convince myself. 
Anyhow whole point is in the SPM world their is constant battle for attention, for the lime light, for the cash in. I try to not let it take me under but I can't let people win all the time. And be bully's all the time without saying my piece. One thing is I never forget when people disrespect me. And I don't tell Los petty shit because it stresses him more,but believe you me I'm one of Carlos' favorite people. And my word is gold very few can say that they can perpetrate but that's it. He values everything I say cause he knows I keep it real especially with him. He knows everything about me. I don't lie or fake anything I don't have the energy too. Basically this just a vent because people like to war and disrespect and not with me but with people they think are weaker, and they gang up like a pack of wolves, the fuck we in middle school, I am not from H Town but I am from Juarez and no city in the US got shit on that gutter life. so am I gonna disrespect any body's hood or city hell no! That would be stupid of me but I'm far from scared once you see death like I have,you accept that its inevitable. Everyone dies sooner or later we all expire. So guess what even less scared, doesn't mean I'm going to live reckless I've lived like that my entire life. I've been shot at about 50 times, I've been plotted on by different individuals including a prison gang. A cartel member, and by my own freaking friends been set up and robbed at gun point for my stash, I've been stabbed on my hand, I've been in 2 fatal car accidents, have went into overdoes twice taking heroine, coke, and xanax at once,  I've done so much drugs I'm like a resilient fucking roach who would survive the A-Bomb. I've drank myself sober, I've always rolled with mother fuckers who will take your life in a heart beat. Do you think I'm alive for what? Gods plan, universal cosmic consciousness, I have been self destructive since birth, I was born with depression which the doctors call failure to thrive. Google that shit it's when u don't have the will to live, I don't stand a mother fucking chance, poster child for cliche's. I got em all no dad, broke- government assistance- if-it-wasn't- for- your- tax- dollars- and-food-stamps-I-would-never-eat. Dropped out of School, two kids with two different baby's dads, not married with an embarrassing casefile, convicted felon, prison number, got my GED in prison, still live in the projects right next to the spot where they do the needle exchange to this day. My rep is so damm damaged the only credit I got is because I did so much prison time and street credit. And yet here I am blogging steady trying to help Carlos do y'all think I fear anything? Fresh out of prison I lost an uncle went to Juarez came back to 3 more deaths here. And I still have a heart, I don't care about money, I care about music. I care about Carlos and Bing, I value your life way more them I value my own. Some advice anybody can die, anybody regardless of status, money, color, race, religion, can hit that prison block. One bad decision take you Milli-seconds to make can take your life. If you reading this take a good look at your life and minimize all drama, and unnecessary bull shit cause none of us are too smart for prison. Peace SPM's girl Mari. I'll be back with another blog to night.

Friday, November 14, 2014

*Blogstla World*

So much to say, only problem is my mind is always chaos. It's so many thoughts, and  memories to organize. I have it all down then they dissipate like the baby's daddy. Well, I always just think about questions people ask me. Number one is, "Why do you like SPM so much?"  Well he talks about real life, somethings may  not be Carlos story but it is real life. The thing that makes me relate to Carlos the most is the fact that he embraced the name wetback. I embraced that name as well,at a very young age. I would rather be called "wetback" then "Chicana." It is a long story but there is a good story behind it. To make the story short I just was a very proud of being Mexican, you know how it feels to find a person such as Los that has a lot a similar thoughts. I think the song I relate to the most  is; I must be high, that song is my favorite SPM song. If you've ever done drugs you know exactly what he's talking about. No disrespect to Mr. Coy, that I finally got to meet at the day of unity, but the not having a father and being so angry about it as well as traumatized is something that happens to a lot of us. Carlos was really brave to put that emotion in his music. I remember always pretending that it didn't bother me. And reality it bothers me to this day. I think that is the main reason why I have messed up my life so much. as a matter of fact, Carlos has been my only made role model. I'm not talking bad about anybody else that has been in my life. It is just that I have never really looked up to anybody but Carlos Coy. Carlos influenced a lot of the good things I did when I was out there listening to his music and doing the street thing. I mean because of his line on You Know My Name that goes as follows, "give my homies mama money for his commissary." A lot of my friends got money for the commissary.  Listening to music repeatedly as much as I have and still do. Tends to have a positive effect on you. I know it did for me and a lot of other fans feel the same. If it wasn't for Carlos, I would have never known I have a few hidden talents. Anyway FREE SPM. I can't wait until the next day of unity in Houston. Which will take place in either March or April. To stay updated you can follow the millions of pages I suggest   Son of Norma which is now being managed by Sylvia and her Fiance Tee.

On to the next one so since The Son of Norma dropped the Day of Unity actually happened it has been  a whirlwind of people and situations. Usually i would make sure and brag to you all the amazing things that have happened to me. But I brag enough on my Facebook and other profiles it's getting old actually. There is only one thing I will post links and pictures if you all catch on then you do. I have trying to recover and get my blogging joy back. But it's hard when one is as emotional and erratic as I am. It sucks cause it consumes one life for at least three days at a time. Procrastination rules my nation for sure.
SoundCloud SPM LIVES his comments of the day of unity and the Son Of Norma.

Have you all seen the video to What if it Were You?

Major shout out to all who played a role in this video. I loved it. I told my BF that this song made me cry for the first like two weeks, after the CD dropped. Congratulations Chris Coy. He did an absolute outstanding job. Very proud of my boy.
Pablo Time Nunez what can I say, he killed the role of SPM, of course he is a professional  actor so it is not so hard to believe. Still he did an outstanding job. Make sure you all go like; Let's Free SPM. Pablo doesn't remember or he may, but I have been supporting him an his page for quiet sometime. Carlos tripped when he was trying to tell me who he was and I already knew. I told him any true supporter of SPM I have heard of or already follow. LOL  it's awesome when one can impress Carlos Coy! Also wanna congratulate Jaime Ortiz Aka Pain he also did an awesome job in the video. Make sure you subscribe to; 

I'm so excited!!!
SPM LIVES  click go check it. Dope House Records ; completely revamped YAY, no more Dope Space boo :(
Dope House Records Facebook

Go check 'em out yo!
Dope House Army  <<< go like

TwentyFirstCenturyEnt   Rasheed and Los speaking.; SoundCloud

I want to give a shout out to Low G; his Facebook, you can follow him; Low G 713 Instagram
check his page for the Hustle Town and H-Town Legend Gear like I was saying major shout out to Low G he treated me like royalty at the Day of Unity event. He is also the only one who pronounced my name right.

You know everyone was pretty much good to me, it was the best time of my life.

Pearl Base Records

My favorite people, why? I only role tough with people that have one thing in common with me. 
True unadulterated love for SPM and his music. Everything about PearlBase Records was influenced by Carlos Coy. Not only do they stick to making real music, but they are honest to god true fans and supporters of Los. Want some proof?

Unity Water, it was given out by Dasugarman CEO of PBR to the marchers for free.






On that note I'm out at least for now I shall be back. soon Free SPM and Free Bing. Ghetto girl Mari. Peace!
for always pushing me.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Poor Kids

The Day of unity

Blogging is obviously one of my avenues to this world I find myself in, this world where all you dreams are liable to come true. But wait have I ever had any real dreams. I think since I was a child my dream has been to be financially stable, I still have this dream today as we speak. I never dream of going to Dope House Records or kicking it with all the artist and family of my boy Los, I did have a dream to speak to him and meet him. My dream for the Day of Unity could never exist in my pessimistic mind. I never thought I would see Houston Texas and all of the artist that I listen to daily and talk to once in a while. Now I can't lie I didn't take advantage and take pictures with all of them why? I was so in awe and in shock and amazed at how well they knew me and how much love they showed me. I'm talking from all my fellow SPMERS, to the Dope House artist and beyond. Even the folks that didn't know me were like hi I know you. Oh my god it was insane. It was like a trip into another dimension. I wish I wouldn't have been so in shock it let me absorb the moment but It kept me from interacting more. I will never forget everything that took place that one day in October on the third day of the month in the year 2014. Gotta make it dramatic it was that serious. Let me tell you my story in pictures. 
Filero HTX Most Hated

These two are super talented, Filero is a big part of the Texas underground rap scene. That boy Filero is a legend. If you didn't know that now you know. Eternal has been a part of the underground scene for a long time very well known in his home town of Dallas Texas he makes part of the group known as Latin Embassy very cool, very good music. It was an honor to meet them both live an in color wait I
got more.

These two happen to be on that bomb as album titled Illegal Aliens That is one of the hardest underground Albums out there you must
be bilingual to really appreciate the feeling. Listen to it my favorite song on that is "Gutta" I never get tired of that jam. If  I could get myself to stop listening to The Son of Norma,I would go jam it out right now as we speak. But I'm so hooked on that SON, I have it on repeat. I also met Big Cease of Hata Proof Records, very strange to meet up with the three rappers on one of my most favorite songs.

Carlos Mtz

This kid Carlos Martinez, the reason this whole day went down. I call him Lil Los or Lil Bro, I love this kid he is a good person and his passion for this movement inspires daily. He inspired all the main players in this Free SPM movement. No matter what anyone has to say, he will always have my love and respect for making this day a real life event. All while working and taking care of his kids which he is a single father to. I admire people that handle their business and he is definitely a handler. This movement is going to get huge and crack open Los' case. When it does you always remember this little guy right here was the start and the motivation of it all. Love you Lil Bro. I will always have your back through thick and thin. 

Me and Mini he did the walk to the courthouse with me, little mini a G.
This little Gee is Shorty Beltran five year son, he held his Free SPM sign high the whole time love this little guy.
Jim Smith of PearBase Records, very talented artist, him an Dasugarman are two of the most loyal, but lowkey fans I have ever came across, complete opposite of me. So you know we get along great. Along with Eternal Aka Mr Neva Die,  Aaron G, and Nani we make what I like #THETEAM and our main goal is to, Actually I don't know what our goal is ha-ha for now it is to help Los and Bing as much as we can, real music making is in there, not by me I just, I don't know what I do. Lol

Jorge tha Promoter and I,  He is pretty established in the game, He was one of the one's that actually asked me for a picture, surprisingly to me. I was so nervous to go and I had the best time of my life. I was so happy finally got to see the Dope House, I have reflected on the situation and there's so much to say or blog, I mean the day of unity actually happened. We actually marched to the courthouse and protested. Everyone is like, when is he getting out. I am like do you have any Idea the history we just made, It is the most important step, unity now we grow in numbers and our voice will not be ignored for long. We must all participate even if it is by just sharing post signing the petitions that out there.

click here to sign #FREECARLOSCOY

This first Day of Unity was so moving we were all in great spirits, so many people recorded it and little by little they will be released. I feel Filero did a great job capturing the mood in his video watch

I think I am going to stop putting pictures they keep disappearing on me, I tried so many different ways and apparently,  I still don't know what I am doing. Just a random thought.  I finally spoke to Bing he said he will send me a blog. So let's hope he comes through before I get too crazy to blog it. I keep hearing good compliments about my blog and I just figured I would put a little  something out. On November 03 2014 we will be doing something called the Day of Unity challenge. Every single fan of SPM is asked to mail out a letter on that day so their office can be flooded for a few days after are you in? If so here's a sample letter, I will try to blog again soon. Ghetto Girl not so inspired today.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ghetto Girl Promotionz - Get it now!

Ghetto Girl Promotionz - Get it now!
you already know me. Gots to be in the mix.
The Son of Norma available everywhere get your copy. Support that boy SPM. Need promotion hit your girl Mari. My Facebook page. My Gmail don't matter. Peace Ghetto Girl inspired.

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Day of Unity Announcement by DopeHouseOfficial

The Day of Unity Announcement by DopeHouseOfficial
The speech that makes you really reach deep inside and think about how we live. This speech makes me tear up. And he's been right all along he is only going to grow  in strength and in numbers. Carlos is everything he said he would be, influential with the people that he reaches, the best at his craft which is rapping, writing anything from scripts, to books to inspirational letters to his fans. I can't believe that at the start of this blog, I had never even dreamed  of corresponding with him or speaking on the phone with him (Carlos Coy) or anyone even close to his circle now I feel like him and I are good friends. Could I be delusional still? I am the type of person that can never accept a good thing.  But now I know why, letter after letter and a few phone calls later, plus 2 years worth of trauma now I get it. It is because my whole life I have been hurt and left and sat and watched everyone around me drop like flies to the "dope game" or "gangs" plus I have contributed to lots of negative and deadly activity myself.  I am
accustomed to chaos and pain and ending relationships. I am also accustomed to prison or institutional life. They broke me down then they programed me to be dependent on them for everything from opening a door to eating.  I refuse to let them win me back I don't commit crimes any longer,  of course avoiding crimes has me avoiding life but one step at a time my people.  I had decided to quit blogging, I had no inspiration or thoughts. I can't stop blogging,  or seeking a path through this world. I received the most encouraging email about my blog and it made me reevaluate my mental status. I have deep rooted issues but so does the whole entire world isn't it Freud who writes about the three traumas we all experience through life? Who cares lol my point was every single person in the world has issues the thing that sets one apart is how one deals, and how one behaves.  You can do what I do and play the pity me role, or you can go out and get it. I am currently in between phases. A lot of people want to know why we love Carlos Coy or SPM so much. How he made all these fans. It is so simple because he is a realistic writer, at one point in America, fictional writers were looked down upon like drug addicts. Carlos embodies that era. The second thing is he understands us. That's it the big secret, he understands what we are going through as humans. I repeat his big secret, he understands. Puts it down on a dope beat and voila, you got all the fans in the world.  No matter what not all of us can relate to having so much money  that you will go blow $150,000 dollars in all ones on a stripper, and not all of us can relate to waking up in a new Bugatti.  I would have to sleep first. In other words some of us have been and still are very poor or I prefer monetarily challenged. Ha my smartness is on turn up today. Must be because it's Friday.  So all types of good things have occurred while I decided to blog again. The day of unity is a big deal, I hope that it gets enough attention to make The State if Texas get their shit in order and at least look at his case. We shall remain posting #FREESPM but will we actually put that into action? I hope so.

The Son of Norma is finally here. It is already number two on Amazon s bestsellers list. I pre-ordered mine from Best Buy I will forever dislike Amazon ha ha. Carlos called me really upset that they had a snippet of his album. He manged to have them take it down omg I never knew Los could be that upset he called them so many punks and B-words I got upset and decided to forever #boycottAmazon. Remember The entire album will be played on 93.1 The Beat go like the page on Face book here》》》》93.1 The Beat

The Album will be played from 6-7 PM central time I believe,  well whatever time zone the city of Amarillo, Texas  is in.  Miss Shortie who is Los' s friend will have the honor of debuting The SON LP to the entire Internet world. Her show is on from 5-8 PM every Sunday make sure you all support her. She shows all our favorite artist mad love on her show.
Juanita Banda (Shortiie) 《《《《《《《 Facebook  Shortie931 Twitter Follow her!

Listen or download your app for the station here》》》93.1 The Beat Website
Can't wait there is so much going on I am going to write another blog shortly after this one these are the two most important subjects. For the Bing fans now that I am back, I will make sure and have him write another blog. I know he has been moved to Stiles unit. So if you all write him here is the new address:

Hata Proof is having a Screwed Video Release party, I guess anyway for info go look up Big Cease or Eternal on Face book. On that note I am done son oh yeah go like my Ghetto Girl Promotionz link is on top right. I will tell you everything next blog. Ghetto Girl here trying to stay inspired.

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Day of Unity FaceBook


Carlos has a number of projects among them are THE SON. No more waiting the day is here it's already on pre-order at Best Buy and Amazon. I wouldn't buy at Amazon that 's just my opinion tho. A lot of fans already pre-ordered it from them people. Don't wanna cuss on my blog.  Anyhow the big flyer on top is an event I will be at. By pure miracle. Also on the 30th will be the launch of the website  
The way Los explained it, we will be able to interact with him. He called it,"SPM Disney Land"  I suppose that means we shall have a blast. I can't wait to see what they come up with. 
I kind of didn't wanna blog anymore I felt it was kind of pointless due to the fact that Bing really is not communicating and everyone is busy with their lives. It's just a weird time for us all, we are trying to unite and like they say when you trying to do something good like read the bible, the devil mess with you. Well that's how it is with us trying to organize  the event in Houston and on-line. We getting emotional, attacking each other, getting jealous of each other and that is totally the opposite of what Carlos would want if he knew we were acting like fools, he would say cut it off. So if you all reading this and you one of them fools please get yourself together. Let's get this event done and done right. 
As you can see my blogging skills are not the same anymore why? Many reasons that we don't need to get into. Carlos says that I lose interest and I can never finish what I start. He says I need discipline. I told him that is very true. For some reason he thought that was hilarious and he laughed. I was like los if it was that easy to have discipline I wouldn't of went to jail and what not. Anyway I don't know what to blog so I am going to post all the links to all the Current or the pages that are still going for information on SPM as you can see there is already two links up top. Okay so here we go.
Flipboard All things SPM

Official SoundCloud SPM 
The Dope House Army
 Twitter @SPMLIVES
same @ on instagram and you already know about WWW.SPMAFTERMATH.COM
Thank you people hope to see you at the DAY OF UNITY.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

SPM Aftermath: You Should Join Us

SPM Aftermath: You Should Join Us: It has been extremely cool to watch the preparations commencing for SPM's 'Day of Unity', and the release of The S.O.N. Dope Hou.
.Day of Unity SPM SPEAKS OUT

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Since I last wrote this here blog a whole lot has happened or I just got it together.August 24,2014 meeting at Dope House Records for the Day of Unity. Lucky I wish I could go. I will be there October 03 if it's the last thing I do in life. I made a few changes like I do here and there. So make sure to always look over my blog. It works so much more efficient on Google Chrome. The following is a link on the conversation the boys had about the movement. 

  There are several things to discuss number one is The Day Of Unity. This event is so official it needs referees,  As you can see it's going to go down! Peacefully of course. We have to represent for Carlos, and if some of us act like thugs, that will reflect very poorly on Los. So if we stick together and unite we will get the attention of the powers-that- be! If anybody has any questions on the case don't ask others, inform yourself WWW.SPMAFTERMATH.COM  all the info you need to know is in that awesome blog that I love. If you are curious about the case or want to know the real situation that is the most credible place you can go. Please read it! If you want to see his habeas corpus and see the many reasons and how obviously and  unjustly, he was turned down.
GO  here Carlos Coy #1110642 vs The State of Texas. I WARN YOU EVEN THE BIG CORPORATIONS ARE CASHING IN! You will have to download the app they are pushing in order to see it all. Unless Mari the Ghetto Genius mixes her two qualities "street smarts" and even more questionable "Book/technology"  skills and hook you all up! We'll see................

   How did this come about well, some of us loyal SPM and Incandesio followers, we will remember that Young J started something like this but never finished. This is an entirely new group that had the same Idea in Houston Texas. Carlos Martinez FB handle is Carlos Mtz, Mario Prado, Aaron Lopez and Cristoval 'Suavecito' Larrazalo were having a regular conversation about The #FREESPM movement.  They said to each other what if we really do it? That was Aaron and Carlos speaking to each other.  Cris decided to shoot a video talking about the protest and the rules in order for the protest to be ligitametely peaceful. He shared it, like anything else SPM related it got around. Aaron created the flyer which they printed and is still being used right now as the official logo for the protest. Mario was there helping them with everything.  They basically formed a team that has inspired the SPM web audience, some of SPM's closest,  family and the man himself. In this day of speed we forget to give proper credit were it is due and I believe all 4 of these young men deserve the proper congratulatory "That's what's Up" or like they say in Houston "Awweredy!"

It's going down all Dope House Records is attending.

I myself want to give a Special shout out. better a real respectful mention to Carlos Mtz for reaching out to me cause we managed to put enough pressure at the right time, Incandesio was a big help. My best friend asked me to write this blog weeks ago but I was very uninspired.  This Young Boy Los and his crew of brilliant friends have managed to get Ghetto girl to come back and start blogging. Thank you 
so much Carlos Mtz. I also want to give a big shout out to Tyler Cedric Perez. He told me some of the most encouraging compliments in regards to all that I do. It made me feel compensated . So you all know that this is approved by Sylvia Coy, Thomas Carrol who is now in charge of Marketing at Dope House Records, congratulations and the man SPM himself. 

I hope to see everyone there.

 Next is entirely up to you but I suggest spending more time on twitter or do what I do and set your app to notify you on accounts such as @Spmlives and @spmaftermath  you know the ones you like. @OfficialJar I especially recommend you follow @Sylviacoy her and Thomas Carroll are working closely with Los and have a lot in store for us. Power couple there. Last but not even close to least are the pics that inspired me, they gave me the motivation I needed to write this blog. I have re edited this blog so all the pictures are different except my favorite one below.

All these pictures are of the things that most represent the event of the year.