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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Top Ten Rappers.

Dear SPM'ers, how are you all? I'm always in a battle of good and evil I can't decide which one I should be. I can't decide if  I want a place in the music business or not I do but I'm not willing to deal with all the work and pain that comes with it. I can't imagine how sucessful people got to where they did. I am not strong enough for this business everything is personal to me and everything hurts. I am a pretty upstanding person cause I know so many ugly secrets and I won't even post to get my blog going which would be lovely. I have a lot of good in me man and I hate it I wanna be a person who steps on everybody to get ahead and I can't  man I can't even pirate music how can I do anything else. So news on SPM the movie is still in the works he has had a rough year with all the verse stealing and all that bs.So hopefully he will get some things done I'm hoping to hook him and Filero up for the next album to be like the best ever if that's possible cause them two talented souls make fire. As for Bing him and I are currently in the middle of working something out for me to mange him I've posted all his music and hopefully there will be much more to come. I have currently started working with Luni Mofo and I'm super excited cause he is one of the real ones like LIl Bing and Filero. That is so hard to find trust and believe me I look far and wide for real people not many left.So I'll show you some videos on Luni so you can get a picture of his skills.

My favorite!!!

I can post a million videos but you all go check him out on his You Tube Channel  <<<< you know one time I let play and I had to keep going back and make sure I was still listening to an underground rapper. He is that bad ass. Also Check him on Tuesday's On Kanes Block you know what I like about KNON if you go to to their website you can hit the Warp Radio button and listen to what's on there and then. No downloading apps or none of that nonesense. 
So back to my blog this penitentiary experience makes me able to get along with the realest and the best some won't understand ever what it's like so they just do shit to you and act certain ways we ex convicts will never understand. It's a horrible experience but it teaches one a lot. It teaches one how to seperate the real from the fake and how to know when you being played and there is nothing better then always comming with the truth no matter how much it hurts and no matter how much it's warped by your own mind, and thoughts and fears and anger and whatever else makes you feel and think how you feel and think. 
I'm do my list of my top  latin rappers and my top ten rappers of all time again now this list is based on my opinion and my experience in my life. Hopefully that is clear enough of a disclaimer.
Top  Ten Rappers of All Time
Why cause he has a rhyme scheme like no other he keeps true to himself he has no advertisement and he still hits the billboards his fan base is like no other and even though he is unjustly incarcerated he still keeps making music for his fans. There is no other rapper in the world like him period.
Do i even have to explain the rest no if you don't know then you don't know rap.
Mobb Deep
Notorious Big
Big Pun
Lil Bing
Bing doen't have a catolog but I have personally seen what he can do so it's enough to put him on this list
Top Latin Rappers
Lil Bing
Luni Mofo
Eternal Aka Mr. Neva Die
Big Pun
Kap G

That's just my experience of course I hven't heard everyone like i've said a million times. Hate or love it it's what it is for me thanks for tunning in alway sincere Ghetto Girl Mari 

Check out my creation ABOVEand soon the real video for THROW MY DEUCE be out on the Hata Proof channel look out for it.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Bing Bing take over 2016

What it do SPM and Lil Bing crew? Man it's been one hard year but good thing we started all over again. And for this year I have decided to work closer to Meskin Latin Legend (Lil Bing), I decided this a while back only because SPM don't need me as much as Bing do. And he already got his full staff that he need. Of course I always cut for him and do promo for him, I'm just gonna concentrate on Bing more. So so far yesterday Big Cease from HataProof Records, shot a video yesterday for the single Throw My Deuce  by Eternal Aka Mr. Neva Die featuring Lil Bing and GT Garza. I heard the video went well Zone played Bing's part. Sen was there as well as Lucky. make sure y'all hit google plus ITunes, CD Baby, etc etc to cop you the track and support the movement. Also Bing wrote an entire album for Lucky to perform and post. so look out for that.
first track off that album above Story of a G stay tuned man Lil Bing plans on being the Mexican Tupac and I know that with his talent ain't no stopping him he got a huge team and a vision and a dream.
 also a track featuring Bing
check all the highlighted text cause they all links just making a quick post to let you all know that this is the the year of Lil Bing. Make sure and tune in to 93.1 The Beat on sunday 5-8 PM Central time and check out Eternal's interview on the track Throw my Deuce. Shout out to Shortiee for all that support she show all the the Texas Latin Rap scene. Thank you for reading. 

Peace out Ghetto Girl Inspired.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Trapping Outta Jail

Eternal aka Mr Neva Die

Throw My Deuce

I am happy to say that this Throw my Deuce^^^^ is very dear and near for it has two real talented artist actually With Garza it makes three ha ha ha. Nothing but for respect for that boy killing the game. And much love for lending his voice for this project.  The Song came out super trowed and does Lil Bing  justice he so greatly deserves, for he is a talent rare to find. Bing got a little bit of a history with Dope House Records and Shut Em' Down the two hottest record labels coming out of Houston Texas. Much like SPM his career was short lived by 2003 I believe he got a life sentence. He was not able to produce a whole album or a the Pound 4 Pound album that him and Lil Villain were recording never got finished. He fell out with Shut Em' Down after they collaborated with  DHR on Screwston Vol 3 Stuck in the Mud where at least 8 songs either feature him or were for his project. Lil Bing only received  $800.00 from DHR for his music. I heard that the particular album is still the top grossing album to this day. Maybe I can thoroughly investigate all this. Either way Lil Bing has reached legendary status in the underground he still has many fans and I know that this feature is just a little preview of what's to come but at least it was done in a professional manner. I get disappointed when I hear how sloppy a lot features are put out. I did go out of my way to help Bing record for some of  you all to treat his music like it ain't nothing. But to each their own I'll take care of my homeboy as much as I possibly can. Without further progress here is Throw My Deuce
Hope you all dig the song as much as I do. And make sure to support Filero and the Most Hated Militia Album go purchase an Alum on CD Baby and help Filero put out Bing's EP project Meskin Latin Legend. Me personally I love the Most Hated Militia Album and have purchased it digitally and I also purchased the actual Album from CD Baby. Thank you all for reading my short blogs means alot to me. I wanna take the time and shout out   Weso G (Adrian Aguilar) who has made this all possible. When Bing and I discussed him recording his biggest fear was getting put on albums with awful sound.or unprofessional sound. So I thank him very much for all his hard Mexican Yezzus work. I also had the privilege of discovering his live af Cumbia/Rap single Papayas
I must warn you it is racy and for adults but it it live and Mr. Weso G is very talented and as always Pancho V comes through with Pimping flow. You know rapping in Spanish is hard it's not always about the rhyme scheme sometimes it's just the delivery that makes it a good rap and Weso G knows exactly when to do what  check out the video please look out for more music from all these artist. thank you.

Subscribe to Eternal's You Tube Channel he got alot in store for y'all until next time happy jamming from the one and only Blogologist Mari..

Saturday, December 19, 2015

SPM School of Rap......

What's hood, what's good? What the deal with my real people? I'm back for another round at my half-assed blogology. Well since I'm very involved in the rap world, I find myself sick of all the not so good artist who swear they can rap. First of all every great rapper is highly inteligent, read learn expand your vocab. Second life experiences are a plus, as well as style. A song could be catchy an artificial but everyone gonna forget it in a minute. If you want a lasting impression paint a picture, tell a story about things that occur daily. Use multiple sylable rhyme structures and when you jamming out to your favorite artist pay attention for it. SPM, Emenim, Lil Bing are beast at it. I cant explain it well but I'll post the letters that Los sent me so I can learn. Before that make sure you all tune tomorrow 5-8 PM Latin Take Ova at hosted by Shortiee to hear the primere exclusive of Throw My Deuce by Eternal feature Lil Bing  and GT Garza the track is fire I can promise you that. And now for the lesson;

Friday, November 27, 2015

Most Hated Militia...

Most Hated Militia ⬅link to Facebook page go here for all info on the album.

Like I promised I'm going to start recommending good music to y'all. I need a spot on a mag so I can give out mics like The Source. I have excellent taste in music. I focus on underground rap but I like a lot of music, different genres, but my life line is hip hop and/or rap. I might not be alive if it wasn't for music. So I chose to do Most Hated Militia by the most hated. The Most Hated which is one of the pioneer rap groups out of Houston, use to be Aggravated. The members are or were; Lord Loco, Grimm, Filero, Ikeman, Lil Villain, Slinkey, Pranksta, Shawdow, Balazo, Troublemaker. From their start to now "the most hated" is a legendary group and all rap artist old and new should give credit for starting a movement in Houston. The group had evolved a great deal and no mater who is a part of, the music it is always A-1. This particular album is original, controversial, anti-illuminati, street, real, ganster, imformitive and live all at once. One of my favorites. The songs I love the most are Us vs Them, I keep It Gansta, Street Soldiers, honestly though you can jam the whole album beginning to end.
You're not my Friend

Dope song filmed at The Day of Unity by the late director The Moment. One of Filero's friends. Like Filero and myself The Moment had a passion for the freedom of SPM. Filero has opened a studio in Colorado Springs which is named "The Moment Studios. Follow him on  Instagram and twitter @themomentstudios

Super Soldiers

Listen to the jam above it has a feature from SPM and Lil Bing.

Filero and I at Day of Unity. 

Filero is not only a great friend and person in general, but he is a multi talented artist he can rap, freestyle, produce, engineer, scratch, S&C you name it. He is the reason for a lot of great music when you see him say hi cause that's Texas Music royalty right there.
There you have it folks my first album recommendation check it y'all. Peace and love Mari.

Friday, November 20, 2015

I Am Legend..

My room wall.
Why do I keep my room like a teenager when I am 38 years old? I ask myself that question daily and there are two main reason. The first one is I didn't have a regular life at the age of 15 I began pushing crack and gang banging. I didn't have time for teenage shit. I was ducking cops  bullets and haters. So now that I have a regular kinda life I get to live out some of the things I missed out on. The second reason is because I have to keep reminding myself why I do this. I am a major part of this movement Los once said to me and I quote, " Who knows if I'll ever write you again, my love. Like I said, I'll let you down just like the next person will. I guess it just depends on what kind of chess piece you become in this movement to help the lost. What pisses me off about chess is the queen is the most powerful piece. The king ain't shit. Ain't that a bitch."

Well Los turns out I'm the queen. LMAO if you keep up with the Dope House Saga you know that me and Los disagree on a couple of things but it really don't mean shit. We still as close as ever. And I am a major force in this movement. The posters remind of all the help and difference I have made. They keep me going at my darkest times. This game is harsh I have dealt with so much hate and insults. I have also earned a lot of respect and even though this hasn't made me rich. It has given me a real purpose and cause. As well as an Identity. Mari, Ghetto Girl, SPM'S GIRL, writer, blogger, music critic, legend. Yeah that's write I said it. I have made friends with the greatest rapper of all time SPM. But not just him Bing too. Filero, Rasheed, Low G, Carolyn. I have my Pearlbase Family, Etenal, Ese Loc, I have met Throwed Ese, Weso G, Commas and Zeros, Classic Music, Lord Loco,G Man, Milton Bradley, Big Cease, Cease Music, Ice, and a million other talented people who ask for my opinion on their music. I have been the reason for many positive things. I helped make The Day of Unity a reality. And I am just some ex convict, drug addict, who is institutionalized and has a variety of mental issues. I am from the ghetto. I have seen poverty all my life. With all that I still managed all this. I am legend like mother fucking Will Smith. Hate it or embrace it. For my next blog I'm going to recommend music for y'all. Los wants me to rep him with love that is what I shall do  until next time SPM'ers peace. Signing out SPM's Ghetto girl  Mari.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Haters Make me Stronger....

I am just gonna get to it today. SPM has been vital in my life for years. It is a travesty that I have to defend his interest from him and some of his people. It is what it is. At least I am real about all of it with him and with social media. There has been a lot of people saying that I threatened his sister when in fact I did not however I did have words for the not so smart female on her husbands  team and for him as well. I have been through some real shit. These folks just don't know real cause a fake individual will never recognize a genuine person. Genuine people are always a threat for fake people. It's funny that I'm a threat cause I don't even got a pot to piss in. All I got is love and respect from that boy SPM. And I earned it. Now for all you slow individuals, obviously I am not SPM'S Girl that is an inside joke between him and I. He don't mind or anybody who should mind don't why all these other folks mind is beyond my scope. Either way Los, Carolyn and I will figure out all this mess this is the last I am gonna comment, about this whole situation so y'all keep trying to take me out. And I'll keep doing what I do and we will see who wins. Thanks to all my real folks and all you fake folks sorry for you being real is free try it sometime.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Make it rain on them hoes

Art inspired by Hurricane Sandy.
Okay I tend to remain calm through threats of end of the world theories. Government conspiracies, shoot outs. Let me tell you why I was born depressed, as a matter of a fact I was depressed in the womb and the minute I was born I wanted to die. My whole life I have been  negative, dark, and wondered what is the point of anything. I have never not been unhappy. I can only simulate happiness under the influence of drugs. Even on drugs I am never completely happy. So naturally I am  very fearless and self destructive. I have fueled my body with years of drugs and alcohol. I have never cared about my health. Why though I have a family, great friends, beautiful children. I have no clue why I can't get myself out of this depression that consumes my life. I can't say I am scared to die. That is the one thing that we will all do one day is die,weather it be now or in a natural disaster. I have seen death up close and personal at least 6 times if not more. I have also survived an insane amount of death threatening situations. My counselor said I don't have PTSD though. 

Which brings me to wonder about the bible and nature. Okay if christian people who have repented and believe they are going to heaven should be perfectly happy to meet death. I mean I believe in god I do. I just can't believe that I am going to heaven or hell, and eternity in torture. I'm there already. If god promised he would never flood the world again why are we flooding? And if we not suppose to be homosexual why are there so many people who feel that way? If we are losing it as human kind then we need a good end of the world cleansing. I know the powers that be especially Donald Trump was not happy with Hurricane Patricia she didn't take out any Mexicans. See I have my own theory Population control is a favorite pass time of the higher ups. As Mexicans we breed like no other so that's why they hate us. See if you not Mexican you actually try to get pregnant. When a non-Mexican girl has a child it's all joy and love. When Mexicans have babies it's like another one, We not on that I think I am pregnant if we had unprotected sex we know we are. It's just what god intended I suppose. Anyhow, if you find yourself wondering why alcohol, cigarettes, Mc  Donalds, are legal it's population control. There is enough to feed everyone and house everyone but what would be the fun in that. Either way unless you're  Fidel Castro or Queen Elizabeth we gonna die anyways. Just wanted to give my opinion on the current situations. The worst thing is when someone say everything that is written in the bible is happening now. Well you would think it's been happening since the 80's let's do this I am ready for the rapture or the natural disasters. Let's go make it rain on dem hoes.

Perfect flow...

Let's begin with the facts
SPM didn't choose rap, rap chose him.
Best friend lit with crack in the pen
Left his most loved to act ratchet again.
Los couldn't know hitting his homies hood rat
Would be the reason he got 45 off the back
What begin as a ploy for money
Got the state to hate and make a nine year old fake a story
And by any means shape his fate historically
The judge forgot due process
The grudge he got too obvious
When Los asked for bail
Gavel hit the nail denied for you I got the rail/roaded like Jesus's cross forced to hold it
Constitutional laws not upholded
Judge emboldened said I denied him bail cause I find he is substantially guilty
In jail we'll hold him
He didn't need a trial his verdict was already chosen
Los didn't stand a chance against criminals with Law degrees and a badge
Even his lawyer was set for the task
Its so ironic that him and Lisa Andrews share an Iconic case
They also share a place and work together and their websites have the same Carlos Coy vs the state as newsworthy fame.
Open your mind only the blind can say they don't see his time was given unfairly.

For Los

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Texas is the place......

As a child I was unaware that being Mexican and poor was embarrassing, until I went to middle school and all my friends who were actually born in Mexico were embarrassed and lied through the nopal on their forehead. It's a Mexican thing don't mind me. Anyhow the more my peers claimed that being from Mexico was the worst thing in the world, the more proud I became of being of Mexican decent. I was born in El Paso, Texas. But for many many years I have claimed the city of Juarez Chihuahua. You know how badly some kids want to be gangster/rappers and they grew up nowhere near that culture, kinda like Jaime Kennedy on Malibu's Most Wanted. Well, that is how badly I want to be born in Mexico. Until this weekend, I thought I was at least conceived in Mexico like my older brother and sisters. But it turns out I was conceived and born in El Paso Texas. On a short trip to take my mother we spoke about all this business. The little while I was there I remembered how much I get on people for not being proud of where they come from. After all that is what makes one's character throughout life. My Facebook profile claims I am from Juarez but I am fixing to change that. I mean why keep lying about where I was born it make no sense anymore. I will say that I had so many experiences in Juarez that made me the person I am. And I am still very proud of being a Mexican who was born in EPT raised in Albuquerque New Mexico,

While I as there I took advantage and met up with Commas N Zeros, Classic Music and Mozez Vorheez which are part of the underground network which I love. They were very nice and classy. And I am glad I got to meet them.
Commas and Zero's gave me a raw preview to his up and coming mix tape B.A.G.G.S. I gotta say I didn't know El Paso had it's own sound. It's very live but very real all at once. Very traditional and old school but very modern. I personally go for they lyrics if the lyrics are real the music is real and there was some good lyrics on this album. 
You can tell when someone is coming from the heart. There is no better music then that. How did I know he is giving the world the sound of EPT. Well that's were I come from. I mean as people in the SPM world which is my network there is so much amazing talent. You gotta be a talented person or at least a person who appreciates true talent to be an SPM fan. If you are into nothing but booty poppin' music you will never understand. I wish we could all get on the same page cause this network is huge and we got so much to do to. In order to change the world and the view on Mexicans/hispanics/latins in general but especially as artist in the hip hop community. If you a rapper writer avid fan you know what I am talking about on that note I am Audi 5000 but before I go check out the CD Commas N Zeros gave me it has a drawing and all.
Thank you very much Texas every time and in every city I get treated so nicely. Can't wait to go again. That is it don't forget to tell a friend SPM going hard till the end.

Oh before I forget major shout out to Itz Revenue for this. Awesome show of support. Much love and respect.

Friday, October 16, 2015

The Blogologist

I am sure I have made up the word "blogologist". Like SPM aka South Park Mexican I am a writer by nature and as writers we are good at coming up with words, stories, etc etc. Why do I love SPM so much well Los and I are close in age and we grew up in the same lifestyle, only he was smart enough to make a career out of it. We have so much that bonds us but the strongest is the fact that we genuinley want to change the world and help people see a different light. We are both better at helping others, we are both leaders, and we both are very proud of our backround because we learn from every single experience. We both are to honest for our own good. I remember going to court for failure to appear on a trafficking case. The judge asked me why I did not go to my scheduled court without thinkin I said, "Because I was high." after I said it I regretted it. The judge was offended and then he said, "I have never heard such an honest answer go to the 28 detox program and I will let you bond out." In that case honesty helped me get out. Of course that same judge ended up giving me nine years after me running from every single bond and/or probation he issued me, but still I am to honest for my own good. Carlos was very honest during his trial so honest it hurt him more then helped him. By the way SPM, South Park Mexican, Los, Carlos Coy, are all the same person. He is so dope he has to have a lot of names.
The passion I have for SPM has helped me find myself and all my talents. He is the reason I do not sell drugs anymore or live a wreckless lifestyle. I love him to death but more then love him I respect him. I feel for him because the system is aware of all the positive influence he has over so many lost souls like myself. He has an army so huge he is a threat to the plans of the govenment to keep us down. And for that they will keep him locked up as long as they can. If Carlos has to stay in prison the least we could do for him is try to unite and end gangs and stop letting the system lock us up. And by us I mean all people brown, black, white, yellow anybody and everybody who is down to say fuck the system we gonna make a change. Racism is ignorant we gotta rise above it and conquer the world. We gotta educate ourselves and progress. 
We can still enjoy our rap music that reflects our struggles and our ex lifestyles. That is the best outlet in the world, music. Even my sister who is a Christian says that our purpose in life is to make music for the lord. Well who says the lord isn't into hip hop. Or screwed and chopped bangas, after all he made us and gave us all our talents. 

That's my blog for the moment if you reading this thank you. Signing out Mari aka Ghetto Girl Inspired aka SPM'S GIRL aka The Blogologist. See I am so dope that I need plenty of names as well. FREE SPM FREE BING

Check this video it is so dope the track is real and the artist is one of the best.  


Here I go agian trying that blogging. Thanks to a fella named Jason, anyway how have y'all been SPMers and Bing fans? I'm back I suppose from a hiatus, a real one this time not a prison time out. As I was thinking about blogging material it dawned on me that a lot of my readers now have a lot more access to Los and Bing info and even though my web address is I renamed my blog once again to SPM'S GIRl why because I am not only gonna blog about music but life as well. I was trying to give this website away to Low G but he didn't ever say anything so instead of letting sit I might as well make use of it. So bear with me as I am under construction once again. 
Update on SPM he is doing great working on a movie as well as a movie soundtrack and his book should be out hopefully by the beginning of next year. Day of Unity has been put on hold untill further notice. Follow Sylvia Coy for updates on that event. Other then that make sure y'all hit for all official dope house merchandise. for his case blog. is his official website.To write Los 
Carlos Coy #1110642
Ramsey Unit
1100 FM 655
Rosharon Texas 77583 
As for Bing he is currently in lock up and we still know Filero is working on his album I know they got the artwork situated for the cover and the title of the album is Meskin Latin Legend. Let's all pray it hits CD Baby soon.
To write Bing
Raymond Ayala #1161502
Stiles Unit
3060 FM 3514
Beaumont TX 77705

I currently don't got any cute stories or anecdotes to tell y'all. I just thought I get the ball rolling on this new blog of mine. Send a shout out to Dallas Texas for all that hospitality I was shown last month when I visited. Especially to my good freind Ese Loc from Latin Embassy. Also shout out to my lil sis Elizabeth De La Rosa, My lil bro Carlos Martinez speaking of which you all make sure and hit up the Dope House Army look out for the contest to win official Dope House Records merchandise. Also if you are currently an artist and looking for a Bing feature hit me up. see y'all later.